Norway Spruce (Piceas abies) – The Norway spruce is a native of Europe, this spruce if given sufficient room to grow will easily grow to over 100 feet tall and be 40 feet and will live over 100 years. It has been introduced around the world and thrives in the plant hardiness zones of 2 to 7 where there is adequate rainfall of at least 25” per year. In areas of less rainfall additional water will be necessary especially when young. They do not like the heat. Although they do best in full sunshine they can tolerate some shading up to 50% and still survive but the growth rate and density will be reduced. The Norway spruce can grow 2 to 3 feet or more per year their first 25 years under good conditions. In the past Norway spruce was used largely in the Christmas tree industry. Unfortunately they have lost favor as they do not hold their needles well after being cut. Norway spruce makes an excellent timber tree and is used for reforestation and windbreaks and landscaping in many areas.

Norway Spruce